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Step on the gas, overtake all your opponents. The player who passed all laps and finished first wins.

—Mode Rules

Racing is a Minigame introduced in the 16.1.0 update.

How to Play

4 players are set at a starting line where they must complete 3 laps around the map. The player's car can be damaged overtime by hitting other players, falling off the map, or hitting barriers. In addition, the player can flip over, however a respawn button is provided on the left.


Follow the racing line to get maximum speeds.

  • Buy/win faster/better cars in the Armory to get boosted performance.
  • Use the racing line to improve performance, as the racing line has the largest radius, allowing higher speeds.
  • Keep your attention span on the racing when doing so, or else you may end up being in lower position or even crash your car.
  • Don't just hold down the acceleration button all the time, as it will result in loss of control and a crash, which compromises your time. Instead of holding down the acceleration button, stop pressing the acceleration button when you feel like you're going too fast or you may crash when a turn on the track happens.
  • Cars with a better 'off road' stat will perform better when not on the road.
  • A frequent crash site is at the last turn/corner. Pay attention there, since most times you will turn too wide or too fast resulting a crash into the fence.


  • If the player flipped their car upside down, it would fly out of the map.
  • If one presses the X button on their modded XBOX controller and iOS device, one can get out of their car and some of the following things can happen as a result.
    • One can enter a different person's car, but then that car would also be more glitched.
    • The player who glitched will have their car disappear some time after getting out of it.
    • The player can also take damage themselves.
    • The car can glitch and jump crazily.
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