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You know the rules, tiny lasers pierce through anything. Darn, I ran out of yellow! Corporal, I need yellow and pink ASAP!

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Rainbow Destroyer is a Special weapon introduced in the 16.0.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time as part of the St. Patrick's Day Trader's Van event in the armory.


It is a laser rifle with a St. Patrick's Day theme. It has a decent DPS, high mobility, and large ammo capacity.


It has a red/yellow/grey body with a red/grey stock, a red pistol grip, a red magazine with a yellow outline. Embedded inside the body, there is an animated rainbow cabrine that serves at the energy source for this weapon.

Near the front of the weapon, it has an orange foregrip on the left side, a yellow/red head shield on top of, and a translucent rainbow barrel with a yellow muzzle.


When the fire button is held, the weapon will fire a solid rainbow-colored laser beam that will deal continuous damage to an enemy.

When reloading, the user will discard the used energy cell and insert a new one.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Rainbow destroyer will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.



  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • Circle your target and aim for the head for the best kill time.
  • Its accuracy is quite exceptional like most laser weapons. It can be used against snipers, but make sure each shots count so as to conserve ammo in the process.
  • Use this in close to medium range for a less complicated duel.
  • Reload often when not in battle as it can burn through ammo reserves quickly if not careful.
  • Use this to finish off/weaken opponents.
    • In addition, it can be used to weaken armored players.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage and shotguns make quick work of users.
  • Strafe while jumping to minimize the damage taken from the weapon.
  • It fires a brightly colored rainbow laser, which isn't hard to miss. This can be used to trace back the location of the user.
  • Take cover as much as possible.
  • Any one shot weapons will be proven victorious.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Use this as a high DPS weapon to suit any loadouts.


  • Initial release.


  • Returned in the Trader's van. Cost depends on player's level.


  • It received a skin, which changes the weapons model.


  • This is one of three weapons that were featured in the first St. Patrick's day vans, the other two being Rainbow dispenser and Mister L.
    • However, Spender was also featured in the van the year after.
  • It looks somewhat similar to the Cooler.
  • It is one of the Special weapons that looks like Primary weapon in terms of structure.

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