The Raven is a Mythical pet introduced in the 15.1.0 update.


It appears to be a dark blue raven with some light brown details which are similar features to a normal raven. It has 2 wings, 2 legs, a beak, a tail, and 2 blue cyan eyes.



  • When you Rocket Jump (PG3D), it won't get lost, as it teleports to you no matter how you try to lose it.
  • Because this Pet has the Poison.png ability, it may be able to finish off enemies.


  • Quickly kill this pet with a powerful Shotgun.png weapon like Prehistoric Shotgun/Holy Shotgun when it gets close to you.
  • You should be fine if you avoid it or kill it. Make sure you don't get poisoned.


Level Speed Respawn Upgrade Cost Training Points Required
1 6 15 Default None
2 6 15 90 Coin.png 2
3 6 15 120 Coin.png 3
4 6 15 150 Coin.png 4
5 6 15 210 Coin.png 5
6 6 15 160 Gem.png 6
7 6 15 240 Gem.png 7
8 6 15 320 Gem.png 8


  • It is also an enemy found in Raid in the Dead City map, located near the entrance of Blockmart in large quantities before the roadblock.It can finish off people because of its poison effect and flying makes it harder to kill
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