The Red Slime is an uncommon enemy, only found in the campaign level Hospital and in the Arena game mode.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 4Heart new 2Heart new Medium
Medium 6Heart new 4Heart new Medium
Hard 8Heart new 6Heart new Medium


They will approach the player and bite or headbutt them, dealing some damage.



It resembles a red cube transformed into a living object, it has a slight resemblance to a Slime in the game Minecraft.


The old appearance of the Red Slime.


  • They used to look like Slimes from Minecraft
  • All slime-type enemies have been remodeled into slug-like creatures due to the Pixel Gun Company running into copyright issues with Mojang.
  • It is the only Slime-type enemy to have a larger version of itself, the Red Slime Boss.
  • It has similar counterparts; Green Slime, Orange Slime and Ice Slime
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