Red Space Alien

The Red Space Alien is an enemy encountered in the Space Station level in the Crossed Worlds campaign. It looks like a more advanced version of the Alien in Area 52.


Its skin color is dark green, and each Alien carries a different weapon along with a different colored suit. They are seen wielding unknown alien rifles. It's gun looks like an alien version of 0xbadc0de.


Statistics differ on the difficulty.

Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 5 Heart new 1 Heart new Medium
Medium 9 Heart new 1 - 2 Heart new Medium
Hard 13 Heart new 2 Heart new Medium


Aliens wearing blue suits carry Alien Guns, and Aliens wearing green suits carry Dark Force Sabers (new). They also have jetpacks so they can hover from platform to platform (not flying).


The Red Space Aliens will move towards you. And if they got into a close range. They attack by shooting their unknown Alien Rifles.

Alien Rifle

The Unknown Alien Rifle.


4 alien weapons found in the Area 52 Labs map, which are the Alien Cannon, Alien Gun, 0xbadc0de reskin gun, and Alien Blaster


  • They carry an unknown alien weapon, which is longer than the Alien Gun.
    • This rifle also makes an appearance in the Area 52 Labs map.
  • Just like the Soldiers in Megapolis, the aliens in the Space Station have different colored suits indicating different weapons they carry, and equipped with jetpacks too.
  • The Unknown Alien Rifle's is a reskin of the 0xBadc0de.
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