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If you're looking for its Legendary, Non-Reflected Counterpart, Santa Sword, Click there.

The Reflected Santa Sword is a Melee weapon introduced in the 22.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Divided Santa Set.


"This weapon is being processed, and the description will appear soon."


The weapon itself is a two-bladed sword with a guard in the middle. On one side is an icy-covered blade, representing the regular Santa, while the other side is a mix of blue and purple with white dots that represent stars. This side represents the Mirrored side, hence the name of the skin is called Divided Santa. The guard is a traditional Christmas wreath with a bell and a candy-cane colored handle.


This weapon can perform the same as a Heavy, however, this weapon requires 2 hits to activate a Super Punch, which will then allow you to rocket jump.



  • Stay near allies with a "Damage Boost for Allies" weapon as you can make short work of opponents.
  • If you die with the Super Punch ready, you will keep it until you use it.
  • The Super Punch allows you to rocket jump.


  • Take the user out before they can hit you as the Super Punch counter will remain at 1 or 2 hits when they die.
  • However if the user has a Super Punch, attempt to make the user miss, as the Super Punch is a rocket projectile.

Recommended Maps

Classic Pool

Equipment Setups

Pair with Dark Deer Bow and Otherwordly Traveler to get the set effect.



This weapon was introduced in this version.


  • This is the second Melee weapon with rockets attribute, the first one being Jet Spear.
  • It is not allowed in knife party.
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