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This article describes a gadget. If you're looking for the weapon see Reflector (Weapon).

The Reflector is a Tools gadget of the Legendary grade introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It appears to be a green bracelet with cyan and teal highlights, and a white shield icon on the bracelet's screen. It looks very similar to the Stealth Bracelet and the Time Machine, but with different colors and a different icon on the screen of the bracelet. When used, it shows a digital bubble shield around you, like the one on the Barrier Rifle. However, from the outside, it looks like three shield logos orbiting around the user.


It reflects damage, for example, if an enemy shoots you while you are equipping the reflector, the bullets reflect back to the attacker at 50% damage. The effect lasts for a while and can be increased by upgrading.



  • Use this when being attacked by players shooting with highly efficient weapons. A reflected shot from a powerful weapon can be devastating for the attacker.
  • It is useful against three category spammers, as it will force them to think twice about attacking you if you activate the Reflector gadget.
  • Take note that you get only the weapon kill count if you manage to kill enemies with this gadget. Therefore you cannot earn a score when killing using this gadget.
  • It is useful when you are about to get hit by the snipers from afar since snipers will be damaged while they hit you, but take note that they receive 50% damage.
  • It can be used as a deadly counter against three category spammers since they will be inflicted 50% damage recoil from their weapon if you are under this gadget's effect.
  • Remember the current duration and cooldown of your gadget. 8-11 seconds is very useful in situations where enemies are focusing their fire on you. The 40-32 seconds cooldown means careful and tactical use of the gadget.
  • Since most monsters have melee attacks, it is best using this gadget in multiplayer modes rather than in PvE modes (Arena, Co-op Survival, etc.)
  • Useful against those wielding a powerful (or even one-shot kill) weapons, since they can be inflicted 50% of the damage of their respective weapons.
  • It is useful in Flag Capture (PG3D) since it lets you take less damage, therefore increasing the chance of you getting the flag back to your base alive.
  • Never use it against Denied! users, as it will NOT work.


  • Try to avoid shooting or using damaging gadgets against those under the Reflector's effects to prevent getting your own damage reflected back at you.
  • Overkill your enemies with a shotgun or Sniper weapon to quickly end the gadget's effects. This will also prevent you from taking any damage.
  • Do not use highly efficient weapons, especially when you have low health. Instead, escape from the user or dodge incoming attacks until the gadget wears off.
  • Only attempt to three cat spam its users if you have sufficient Armor equipped, and you are confident you can kill the user quickly.
  • The gadget lasts for 8-11 seconds, either evade incoming hits or damage the user (see the listed counters above) until the gadget's effects wears off.
  • People have the Reflector status when crystal shields circulate the user, so you can know when people can reflect damage. Once these shields disappear, it means the Reflector's duration has ended.
  • Use the Disabler to prevent its users from using the Reflector for a while, leaving them vulnerable to high damage weapons.


Stats Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 40 seconds 8 seconds
Tier 1 39 seconds 8 seconds
Tier 2 38 seconds 9 seconds
Tier 3 37 seconds 9 seconds
Tier 4 36 seconds 10 seconds
Tier 5 35 seconds 10 seconds
Tier 6 34 seconds 10 seconds
Tier 7 33 seconds 11 seconds
Final Tier 32 seconds 11 seconds



  • Initial release.


  • The gadget used the "Blue Shield" as a kill feed icon. But in a recent update, the icon was changed.


  • The Reflector gadget received an upgrade.


  • The new upgrade was removed.


  • The gadget was nerfed to not give the player extra points for getting a kill with the gadget.

A player holding the Reflector.


  • It was reworked by not absorbing damages, but it currently can't reflect damages for some reason.


  • It is the only gadget that reflects damage back to the opponent.
  • If the user was killed by a lethal weapon like the Ghost Lantern, the killer will also get killed by half of their own damage.
  • This gadget was introduced into Pixel Gun 3D in the 11.1.0 update along with 22 other gadgets.
  • When you get a kill with this tool, it will show up the opponent's weapon that he/she killed with you into the kill icon. Example: <Player #1> <the weapon that Player #2 tried to kill Player #1> <Gadget Icon> <Player #2>.
  • While in the Armory, if you tap the Reflector's icon and watch your character for a few seconds, a special animation will play.
    • After a few seconds of the character tossing the gadget around from hand to hand, they will begin to rub the screen. After such, the Reflector will begin to shake violently, which the player will then rub it again to calm it down.
  • The shield icon around the players is the same when you buy a shield in the extreme run game mode.
  • When you kill an enemy with this gadget, you don't get any points as of the 16.0.0 update.

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