Snipers want to have more diversity in their arsenal that is why we have taken one of the best revolvers as a basis and added: an improved club, a long barrel, and a 10X zoom.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Revolver Sniper Rifle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 14.0.0 update as part of the Sniper Tournament.


It is a sniper rifle that shoots red bullets with critical damage. This gun has high damage, medium fire rate, low capacity and a below-average mobility. It should able to kill opponents with 1 shot if maxed out.


It has an accent similar to Destruction System, without ammunition showing. It's base is also takes the similar shape as the Prototype S. It emits a red projectile that cannot pierce. It is a sniper rifle which has a break action system when reloading the weapon and a revolver cylinder, holding 4 magnum rounds. The weapon also features two of 6 extra magnum sniper rounds holder located each on both side of the weapon's buttstock, and a laser sight.


This weapon shoots a loud, red bullet that deals Critical Damage to the opponent. The bullets have instant bullet travel time and the scope allows long range battles. Moreover, since the bullets deal Critical Damage, they can deal twice the damage to the player.

When reloading, the barrel is opened and the player inserts new bullets and takes out the old ones. It gives a delay to some weapons that are associated with Three Category Spam such as the Thunderer and the Reflector (Weapon).



  • Reload frequently as this weapon's ammo capacity is low. Or best not to miss your shots.
  • Use the 10x scope in long ranges.
  • You may use this in a similar fashion to the One Shot.
  • Stay in medium-long range, as going in close range will result in you get slaughtered to close range weapons.
  • It has short reload time, equip Sniper Cape (PG3D) and Cowboy Hat to benefit it the most.
  • Its crosshair does not expand when firing, render it usable on all range.
  • It also has no delay when switching between weapons, meaning that it is useful for Three Category Spam.


  • Strafe around so that users would waste their ammo.
  • Use a high mobility Melee like the Dark Force Saber to outmaneuver users.
  • Use an Area Damage weapon to disorient users such as the Adamant Bomber.
  • Try to take cover, since this weapon does not have the Wall Break ability.
  • The bullets are surprisingly easy to dodge (if you are experienced), you may also counter similar to how you would counter the One Shot users.
  • Attack its user(s) from behind.
  • If all else fails, using this weapon yourself may be effective when countering.
  • Use a different sniper that has more ammo so they wast their ammo.


Information Image
  • Name: Cosmus
  • Cost: 300 Gem.png
  • Released: 16.6.0
Cosmus RevolverSniperRifle.jpg
  • Name: Prehistoric
  • Cost: 300 Gem.png
  • Released: 16.6.0
Prehistoric RevolverSniperRifle.jpg

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip an automatic Primary/Backup to finish off a weakened opponent and equip another weapon that has a mobility of 85.


During the initial release, it was fairly well-known to the community because of its performance. However, when the 15.1.0 Update hits in, which includes rebalanced RSR within the package, it received mixed opinions of praises or critcisms.

In today's Pixel Gun, it is one of the not-very-popular sniper rifle due to the fact it can be only obtained through once-favored events or spending real money to the game which not every players are willing to do so.



  • Initial release. Power was OHKO if landed on the head. Buying all 250 parts worths 200+ USD.


  • Massive weapon rebalancing update that nerfed the rifle to 2 head/bodyshots kill. Capacity increased from 4 to 6.


  • A bug was fixed which made the weapon an one headshot kill with extreme reload speed.


  • Its capacity was buffed from 4 to 6.


  • Its capacity was nerfed back to 4.


  • Damage increased by 13%.


  • This was one of the three unique Mythical weapons to be featured in the Sniper Tournament of update 14.0.0.
  • Despite it says having Critical Damage, it seems to have been removed. Though its capacity got increased from 4 to 6.
    • Even with the capacity increase, you still load in 4 rounds when reloading.
  • It's actually more of a laser weapon than an actual revolver sniper rifle, since the victim from this weapon disintegrates, like from a laser.
  • This weapon is a "break-action" or "top-break" revolver, like the Smith and Wesson Model 3.
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