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This article describes a weapon, for the pet see: Rhino (Pet).

On contrary to the homonymous animal, this shotgun sees everything! Its accuracy is very high even while shooting in semi-auto mode.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Rhino is a Primary weapon introduced in the 14.0.0 update.


It is a blue shotgun that shoots a spread of bullets at high efficiency and power. It has a high fire rate, low capacity, and high mobility. Its speed and power make it as strong as a “rhino”.


It is a reskin of the Heavy Shotgun.

It is a blue shotgun with white accents and a grey stock. The overall design on the front, mainly the eyes and shape, make it look like a somewhat flattened rhino. It reloads by detaching a little cylindrical drum magazine, similar to the Minigun Shotgun.


The Rhino shoots a spread of bullets with instant bullet travel time and a high fire rate. It is very powerful and best effective at close range. Firing in short bursts can save the player a lot of ammunition.

When reloading, the player takes out the drum of shells from the weapon's back and is replaced by another. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Like all shotguns, tend to use this gun in close-quarter combat.
  • This gun has low ammo, so try to conserve your ammo as much as possible.
  • A Singular Grenade would be paired up pretty well with this weapon, as this gun is a shotgun, and can deal damage to multiple enemies at once.
  • Try to get headshots on enemies as this would maximize damage.
  • Don't hold the firing button if the enemy is still at medium ranges.
  • Use this like a budget version of the Heavy Shotgun, as while It may be weaker maintaining it with constant upgrades will be easier.


  • Pickoff its users from long ranges.
  • Strafe around so that users can waste their ammo, and when they are reloading, kill them.
  • Counter them with a weapon that is more efficient than this like the Champion Mercenary.
  • If your accuracy is good, use the Laser Bouncer or the Anti-Champion Rifle to finish them off a quickly as possible to avoid heavy damage.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Due to its nature of being a shotgun, have a weapon with a longer range from the Sniper section, due to it having a short range.



Initial release.


Damage increased by 6%.


  • Like the Heavy Shotgun, it is based on the real-life Pancor Jackhammer.
  • It is a reskin of the Heavy Shotgun and was released in the Sniper update 14.0.0, along with other weapons.
  • There is a possibility of naming this weapon to "Rhino" due to the fact that rhinos are almost extinct, and the company wanted to tribute them with the name of this weapon.
  • This weapon is apparently a lot weaker than its original version Heavy Shotgun.

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