Rider, unofficially dubbed The Zombie Jockey, is a boss added in the 10.1.0 update. It replaced Pyramid Head as the boss in the School Campaign level.

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Facing the Rider


It is a zombie donning the Iron Armor Up1 and the Iron Helmet Up2, riding an enlarged spider, while wielding a weapon resembling the Hunger Bow. Four Injured Spitters also spawn to assist it in the fight.



There are 4 Injured Spitters assisting the boss.

Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 1 Heart new 36 Heart new Moderate
Medium 3 Heart new 40 Heart new Moderate
Hard 3-4 Heart new 44 Heart new Moderate


The spider will crawl to the player whilst the Zombie will shoot the player with its Hunger Bow from a long distance. This boss can shoot the arrows fairly quickly and accurately.


  • You may engage from afar to increase the chances of dodging its bullets.
  • This boss is unique because it uses a weapon very similar to the Hunger Bow, allowing it to have an almost instant travel time.
  • Keep hiding, since you will be easily hit if you engage that boss face-to-face.
  • Try to avoid close range combat if you are still in lower levels.
  • A heavy weapon would be useful in fighting this boss, especially Champion Solar Cannon or the Rocket Launcher.
  • As always, if you use non-area damage weapons, you should aim for its head since being hit on the head entails to more damage.
  • Use a weapon with the Gravitational Force attribute, such as the Eraser, to draw this boss to one spot, then bombard it with Heavy weapons.


  • Despite its name not being mentioned in the campaign, a pop-up that says "Rider defeated! "Pixelated world" chapter is completed!" will show up, confirming its name. This was introduced in the 11.3.0 update.
  • It somewhat resembles the spider jockey from Minecraft. The exception is that the Skeleton is replaced with a Zombie.
  • It is one of only four Bosses that can summon monsters, the others being Dark Eyed Alien (removed), Demon Boss (removed), and The Devil.
  • The spider that Rider is riding is similar to the boss in the Swamp level. The only change is that the spider is larger in Swamp.
  • Rider replaced the Pyramid Head as the boss of the School in the 10.1.0 update.
  • Despite the Helmet piece being removed in 10.3.1, or the Heroic update, its model still retains the former piece.
    • Also, the Helmet does not appear to give the Rider extra health.
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