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The Rifle.me Online is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.5.0 update. It can be obtained by collecting 250 parts, each being at various tiers of the Battle Pass.


It is a blogger-themed weapon that deals basic damage, has a good fire rate, basic capacity and moderate mobility.


The Rifle.me Online resembles a submachine gun, all in pink color. The barrel, with black and white stripes can be twisted off (idle animation). There is a heartbroken symbol on the side of this weapon. It also has a phone, in which the Blogger Girl skin is singing/talking and gaining upvotes. The Blogger Girl seen on the phone is actually Bella Poarch.


It has a good fire rate and good DPS as well. It also restores ammo at a rate of 2 bullets per second, when holding this weapon, and can charm enemies, making their attacks weaker for the debuff's duration.



  • Make use of the charm attribute to weaken your opponent's power.
  • Aim at the head to deal max damage.
  • Use the Leader's Drum to deal even more damage.
  • Best to use a high (85+) mobility weapon.
  • The Ammo Restore attribute can be useful during matches since it can restore ammo over time
  • This weapon runs out of ammo very fast, despite having the ammo restore attribute. Use the Turbo Charger.


  • Try not to get hit. (Invisibility, Flying, Dashing, etc...), as the charm effect will still show, regardless if you are invisible, flying, dashing, etc...
  • When hit, do not switch to an automatic as it greatly reduces it's DPS, switch to a high-damaging weapon instead.
  • Snipe the user from far away.


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Recommended Maps

  • Silent School
  • Ghost Town
  • Checkmate
  • Classic Pool

Equipment Setups

Any strong weapon with high power like the Masterpiece Musket, and a fast moving weapon like the Double Cashback will do well with this weapon.



  • Initial release.


  • This weapon is based off of the incorrectly closed-bolt Ingram MAC-10 Sub-machine gun/machine pistol, which the game incorrectly refers to as a rifle.
  • It is the only weapon whose name has an ending punctuation mark.
  • When holding the weapon, the song Hickory Dickory Dock is sang by a high pitched girl.
  • When reloading, a laugh can be heard, followed by a kiss noise.
  • The girl in the phone resembles Bella Poarch, a Tiktoker, a singer, dancer, and a celebrity.
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