The Rifle Soldier is an enemy found exclusively in Megalopolis.


The Rifle Soldier looks similar to the Military Guy skin, except with a few different colors. Strapped onto his back is a jetpack similar to the one that is available in the armory. It wields a Secret Forces Rifle as it's weapon.


It will shoot the player, using the Secret Forces Rifle.

Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 24 Heart new 0.25 Heart new Slow
Medium 36 Heart new 0.25 - 1 Heart new Slow
Hard 42 Heart new 1 Heart new Slow


  • Even though the Secret Forces Rifle itself deals a lot of damage, the soldier's weapon deals a lot less damage than how the actual one does, mostly for balancing.
  • The sound that this enemy's weapon makes is also very different than the Secret Forces Rifle. It is more similar to the former Assault Machine Gun.
  • For some reason, there is a bug in which these enemies are unable to inflict any damage towards you.


  • Stay out of sight from these enemies use weapons like the Anti-Hero Rifle or any wall break 10x zoom weapons to snipe them from a long distance and through barriers.
  • For beginners, they only have a limited range so using a sniper is sufficient enough to kill them.
  • Rocket jump to avoid the bullets.
  • Get on the roof to have the upper ground.
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