The Robot Drone is an enemy in Space Station introduced in the 10.0.0 update.


It's a small, round mechanical drone armed with two machine guns on its sides. A blue lens is on its front, and a small, round propulsion engine at the bottom.


Although it is armed with guns, it won't shoot until the player is close enough. 


Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 0.2 Heart new 3 Heart new Fast
Medium 0.2 Heart new 4 Heart new Fast
Hard 0.2 Heart new 5 Heart new Fast



  • It is the weakest enemy in the game, as it only inflicts 0.20 damage.
    • However, they are one of the most annoying due to the fact that most of the time, inexperienced players will instantly get hit by its projectiles the second they see you.
  • The sound that it shoots is identical to the shooting sound of the Sparkly Blaster.
  • Its robotic eye has a purple rim.
  • This may have inspired the Guardian.
  • This is one of the newer enemies.
  • It looks similar to the 343 Guilty Spark in the Halo franchise.
  • In 16.8.0 it was added to the map Parkour City 3019 as part of that maps minor update. Two of them can be seen patroling arround the center building.
  • It can also be seen flying arround the Martian Colony lobby item.


  • It is relatively easy to counter and defeat, any weapon could very easily take these things out.
  • Although it only does 0.2 health bars of damage, in large numbers they could be very devastating and deal massive amounts of damage, due to their fast firing rates.
  • Kill any of these enemies if you see them, especially if you want to get the "Don't take damage" star.
  • Try to be accurate due to the fact that they have a relatively smaller hitbox and the fact that they are flying.
  • Be careful of them when you are trying to complete an level without taking damage, because they can come out of no where without you noticing.
  • Kill them before you kill the Aliens in these levels.
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