The Robot Samurai is a Tool gadget introduced in the 13.5.0 update.


The gadget takes the appearance of a bright green item with light blue linings and a grey handle.

When activated, it transforms the player into a robotic samurai in neon green, blue, and grey armor. Its weapon of choice is a supersized and slightly reskinned version of The Last Samurai.


When activated, the user transforms into a robotic samurai. In this form, the user gains extra health, The ability to deal with high amounts of damage and to double jump similar to the Battle Mech. When the player attacks, the sword emits a wave of damage in the area directly in the front of the player.



  • You may save this gadget for when you are at low health. In certain situations, this could work similarly to the Resurrection gadget.
  • Activate this gadget when you are in a tricky situation where your enemies are at close ranges. Equip this for you to gain extra armor and hit your opponents at close ranges.
  • It is also useful in Capture the Flag due to the fact that this provides double jump and extra mobility.
  • Use the double jump to reach higher players in a map where you need rocket jump or double jump


  • Simply run away using your fastest weapon and attack from a distance.
  • Although this has several advantages over the Battle Mech, it is a melee type gadget, therefore, if you happen to have a Battle Mech in your arsenal, you can try to attack him/her from long range.
  • Attack the player from above, or from places the sword cannot reach.
  • When activated, this has a slight area of damage that can hit targets right front the user and slightly beside the robot.
  • using high damage weapons can easily tear down its large health pool. It is better if you aim for its head.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 50 Seconds 12 Seconds
Tier 1 49 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 2 48 Seconds 14 Seconds
Tier 3 47 Seconds 15Seconds
Tier 4 46 Seconds 16 Seconds
Tier 5 45 Seconds 17 Seconds
Tier 6 44 Seconds 18 Seconds
Tier 7 43 Seconds 19 Seconds
Tier 8 42 Seconds 20 Seconds
Tier 9 41 Seconds 22 Seconds
Final Tier 40 Seconds 24 Seconds



  • Initial Release


  • It is the first gadget to have the Double Jump attribute.
  • Its area damage is slightly different than the normal area damage physics. Instead, the area damage is more similar to the Storm Hammer physics, but the area damage is not a full 360° area damage, but rather somewhere between a 170° to 190° area damage.
  • It somewhat resembles the Silver Samurai introduced by Marvel Comics.
  • It is possible, in small spaces, parts of the player, such as the arms or head, will disappear partially into the wall or ceiling. However, this does not give the player an advantage.
  • In the 15.4.1 Update, its Health and Damage revived a buff. It now has the ability to 1-2 shot max armored players. This turned this gadget into a “no-skill” gadget.
    • This was reverted 2 days later.
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