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The Rock Smelter is a Special weapon introduced in the 21.3.0 update.


The Rock Smelter is a weapon added in the 21.3 update. It has a limited range, decent damage, high fire rate, average mobility and high capacity. Also this weapon can be obtainable by buying the Mining Season battle pass.


It looks like a industrial themed double flamethrower held by the player's torso. Each flamethrower contains an ammunition supply. In the front of the flamethrower it has a blue colored screen that shows several numbers when reloading. It appears to be a remodel (somehow) of the Hitman Exoskeleton.


This weapon has fixed delay, which means that when you switch to this weapon, you will get a pull out animation of approximately 0.3 seconds. It has Burning effect which means that when you are hitting any target it will take small damage for some seconds. The killing time is around 2.5 or 3 seconds without modules. A part of the damage is reflected back thanks to the Barrier attribute.

When reloading, the player shakes the both flamethrower fast.



  • Use this weapon in close range and on small spaces, despite having low mobility and limited range.
  • Equip this weapon with other high mobility weapons, so you can run to a player and then to finish him with the flamethrower.
  • Find a right time to use it despite having fixed delay.


  • Try to flank or attack the enemies from behind with a high damage weapon.
  • Pick off users from long range.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setup

  • Equip with other high mobility weapons to move faster in any space.
  • Use weapons like Pulling Sucker Gun, to move closer to other players.



  • Initial release.


  • There is a percentage level whenever you reload this weapon.
  • This is the first flamethrower with the barrier attribute and the second special with this attribute, after Super-Mega-Expedition-Tool.
  • It has the appearance of a melter.
  • The name suggest this being a tool for melting through hard rocks rather then being a weapon.


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