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Not to be confused with Cyber Rocket Launcher.

A simple RPG. Nothing unique here.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Rocket Launcher is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 14.1.0 update.


It is a simple rocket launcher that shoots a single rocket. This weapon does lots of damage, has a slow fire rate, only 1 capacity, and good mobility.


It looks like the Easter Bazooka. It has the same appearance as the real-life RPG-7, but it's loaded with large oval rockets (albeit resembling a thermobaric rocket), wider launch tube, and a scope.


This rocket launcher shoots a rocket with an egg-shaped head that is green. When shooting, the rocket is emitted with a certain bullet travel time and it leaves an explosion on impact.

When reloading (after every shot), the player inserts the spare rocket from the front. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Use it as you would like a stronger Easter Bazooka, as they are technically the same thing.
  • This weapon is actually capable of killing most enemies with one rocket.
  • Fire at the enemy to weaken them and switch to your primary or backup weapon to finish them off.
  • To best benefit from area damage, you have to aim this weapon towards the groups of enemies.
  • This weapon is not recommended for rocket-jumping due to its single capacity per use, followed by a moderate reload speed and self damage.


  • Attack from afar since this weapon has travel time.
  • You can engage in close ranges and use a melee weapon, but this is not very ideal since this can give the user an advantage as well.
  • If you wear the Berserk Boots or the Ninja Tabi (PG3D), double jump constantly as the area damage on this weapon isn’t very big.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a good primary and a good sniper to use in most other situations.

  • As the class suggests this is a heavy weapon where it should be used in close to medium ranges. It should be used on weakened enemy players and great due to the area damage but lacks in long-range and close situations. Keep this in mind when buying this weapon.



  • Initial release


  • It was a one-shot kill


  • It was nerfed to a 2-shot kill


  • AOE radius increased from 2 to 4.
  • Rocket speed increased by 12%.


  • Like the Easter Bazooka, it is based on the Soviet RPG-7, however, like the Easter Bazooka, the single grip hints that it's more of an RPG-2.
  • It uses the firing sound of the Stinger.
  • It is similar to the Soldier's Rocket Launcher in Team Fortress 2.
  • The buff made in the 15.1.0 update made it a very viable option as its affordable price made other Heavy weapons seem obsolete in comparison. The balance also greatly increased the damage output of it as well as previously-underwhelming weapons such as the Antique Pistol. But however, it has been nerfed in the 15.7.0 update so as of later updates, it now requires high modules and improve it to mythical to make it a 1 shot kill.
  • The weapon itself looks heavy in real life though it has a high mobility.

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