The Rocket Soldier is a variant of the soldiers in the campaign map Megalopolis.


The rocket soldier is the man in a grey camouflage suit with a grey balaclava. He has a jetpack on his back, and he wields the Armageddon.


It equips the Armageddon and will attempt to aim and blast rockets towards the player using the weapon.

Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 24Heart new 5Heart new Moderate
Medium 36Heart new 8Heart new Moderate
Hard 42Heart new 10Heart new Moderate


  • Unlike his counterparts, he can see the player farther away than the other soldiers.
  • He wields a real weapon from the Armory, the Armageddon.
  • The Venom Soldier may be an infected version of him, like the clothes that the soldier wears is strikingly similar to that of the Venom Soldier.


  • Don't attack these enemies head-on, because their rockets can deal high damage. Not to mention that with the support of other soldiers, they can kill you very quickly.
  • Stay on top of the building with the helicopter on top and snipe them from a distance. If they spot you and fire a rocket at you, step back.
  • Rocket jump to avoid the rockets.
  • Try to strafe around the rockets and shoot back with any sniper
  • Stay far away from the rockets as the area damage can still injure you
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