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The Ronin is a Special weapon added in the 21.1.0 update.


The Ronin is a Special weapon of the Mythical grade designed by Dragonix Fantasy. It deals extremely high damage with decent capacity and average mobility. At full charge, Ronin with Level X modules can clear out 5 players wearing Golden Clan Armor within the duration of the beam. (Assuming that the targets are standing in a line.)


Appears to be a volcanic-themed weapon with the shape of a monster. It has a reddish brown color with yellow and orange details which resembles molten lava.


The player holds the Ronin with both hands and the weapon starts to charge up its stream beam as the user holds the fire button. When charged, the player may emit the beam and a reddish-yellowish beam comes out of the Ronin and deals burning and blocks gadgets.



  • Charge before you find the enemy as it has StreamBeam.png.,
  • Always fully charge it so if you don't have sharp aim you have more time to kill the enemy.


  • Kill enemies before they charge.
  • If the user is firing at you, strafe around with a high mobility weapon like the Neutron Pulsator to avoid taking damage.
  • Attack the user while staying out of the beam's range.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Equip a high mobility Melee weapon to move around the map quickly.
  • Since this weapon's range is limited, equip a sniper weapon for long range combat.



  • Initial release.
  • The weapon's attack animation time was increased.



  • This weapon was designed by Dragonix Fantasy.
  • This weapon is one of the only special weapons with the Stream Beam Attribute, the others being the Restructurer, Dragon energy emitter, Call of Valhalla and Sun eater.
  • When charging this weapon, You can see some eye like object moving.
  • The name Ronin refers to a rogue samurai.
  • This weapon would be considered a bio mechanical weapon due to it having organic components and inorganic components.


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