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The Royal Cobra Spirit is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 21.6.0 update.


The Royal Cobra Spirit is a Sniper weapon of the Mythical grade, introduced in the 21.6.0 update's Cursed Pharaoh Trader's Van event. It is an Egyptian-themed sniper rifle released as part of the "Cursed Pharaoh" Set for Gem.png Gems that includes: Pharaon III Breath, Disturbed Sarcophagus, and Royal Cobra Spirit. It outputs a decent amount of damage for a sniper rifle, which is compensated for with its Critical Damage CriticalDamage.png attribute. It is paried with a moderate fire rate of 67 and a fair capacity of 8.


It appears to be a Egyptian-themed sniper with a green transparent snake rolled around the barrel. It also has a eye in the weapon's barrel. There is a mummy face on the side that seems to breathe out fog, which might be what makes the snake. The scope has gold accents around it, and the back stock is red-and-blue striped.


When the user presses the fire button, the Royal Cobra Spirit emits a neon blue Laser Laser.png, in the form of Single Shots SingleShots.png at a moderate fire rate with instant travel time. Enemies that come in contact with it take CriticalDamage.png high damage, along with Poison Poison.png. In addition, the Royal Cobra Spirit features a scope, suitable for long range fights.

This weapon Outputs and Inputs delay animations, meaning it gives pull-out delay to weapons that can receive delay and also takes delay from weapons that give delay. It's pull-out animation lasts around half a second. Moreover, Three Category Spam can be implemented to bypass this delay.



  • Aim for the head to maximize damage dealt.


  • Use gadgets such as the Denied! to make users less interested in killing you.
  • Land as much bullets possible when users reload.
  • Use the Jetpack or excessive Rocket Jumping to give users a difficult time hitting you.

Equipment Setups

Equip a close-range weapon such as a Shotgun or Heavy if enemies get too close.


Information Image


  • Initial release.


  • This weapon is disguised as Dimerian Divider for players who haven't updated the game yet.
  • The weapon shares a similar shooting animation as Explosive Caramel.
  • Its damage seems to be similar to Mammoth and Laser Cat Rifle as they have the same instant base damage of 145 but however, the Royal Cobra Spirit seems to have less effect damage than both of them.
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