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Having the fastest machinegun in the kingdom isn't the thing. It is important that your friends are the slowest targets.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Royal Fighter is a Primary weapon introduced in the 15.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Royale Event set that included: Royal Fighter, Royal Revolver, Royal Sniper Rifle, and Royal Ashbringer.


It is a blue machine gun that automatically shoots blue bullets that slow down targets. This gun has excellent damage and fire rate, with a low capacity for a primary gun (due to fire rate) and above-average mobility.


It appears to have royal blue as a primary color, with some parts grey colored. Some detailing is done in white and yellow, with a red trigger. It appears to be bulky from the side profile but is slim when seen in the first person. A small stock is located fairly low compared to other rifles, and two barrels in the front of the gun, taking turns firing projectiles. A sight is mounted on top of it, and the look is completed with an angled handle, slanted magazine, and a rather large foregrip.


This weapon automatically shoots blue bullets with instant bullet travel time. These bullets can slow down targets. Moreover, this weapon possesses a 4x zoom optic sight, which allows this weapon to fight in longer ranges.

When reloading, the player takes out the magazine and the magazine is replaced by a spare one. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Use this gun similar to the Laser Assistant and Cyborg Hands, as all three are medium to long-range machine guns with scopes.
    • However, unlike these two, the Royal Fighter has a high fire rate, so it can also be used similarly to an Excalibur, but with a scope.
    • This also means that it can be used similarly to the Golden Friend.
  • Use this gun more often in medium to long-range maps such as Paradise Resort, Warehouse Assault, and Ant's Life.
  • Aim at the head for maximum Efficiency Per Second.
    • Max Primary Efficiency booster wears and Piercing Shells shortens the work.
  • The reload time is extremely short, allowing you to get back into the fight immediately.
    • It's advised to equip Storm Trooper Cape, Cowboy Hat and Upgraded Magazine to benefit it dramatically.
  • Use the "Slow the Target" ability to maximum use.
  • With proper skill, using this gun alone while having a constant supply of ammunition can win a match. It is a good idea to use Module combos with active abilities, as you can get the most out of their recharge times.
    • Equipping the Turbo Charger module combination is also a good choice (unlimited ammo + increased accuracy + decreased recoil) is the perfect synergy for the gun's low capacity.
  • Use the Storm Trooper Cape to speed up the killing process.


  • With high mobility and a close-range weapon, users of these can be engaged and taken down successfully. Using a combination of the Dark Force Saber and a High Voltage is a great choice. However, if the opponent has an effective close-ranged weapon as well, the fight may become harder.
  • Never attack directly at users of this weapon, as it is very easy, even at close range, for the user to grind you to pieces. Try to move in a more unpredictable fashion and hiding behind cover as you go, so when you pop up next to the user, he/she will have no time to react.
  • Snipe users of this with caution. This weapon performs just as well in long-range during a close-range duel, so make sure that you are unnoticed.
  • Explosives can make short work on its users.
  • Any weapon that can one-shot the user like Morgana should get the job done. Don't hesitate to fire.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups



  • The weapon is released. It was a seven headshots kill upon release.
  • it was nerfed to a 17 headshots kill for balancing.
  • It was buffed to an 11 headshots kill.
  • It was nerfed to 15 headshots kill.
  • It was buffed to a 9 headshots kill.
  • It was nerfed due to the addition of the recoil mechanic.
  • This weapon, which used to be obtained in Battle Royale, is no longer obtainable in Battle Royale. As of now, it has been replaced by Nuclear Rifle.


  • Damage increased by 5%


  • This weapon was added in the 15.0.0 update, which was released after the May 15 Revolution.
    • Due to this, it is a weapon that will most likely not be nerfed in the near future. So far, it never was (its capacity was buffed).
    • This was in the very first set released after the revolution. So far almost every Mythical grade weapon released after it is balanced as well.
  • This weapon's "slow the target" attribute is barely noticeable.
  • It has one of the fastest speeds on draining in Battle Royale mode.
  • It can be obtained from the Royale Event set that included: Royal Fighter, Royal Revolver, Royal Sniper Rifle, and Royal Ashbringer.

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