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The Sacred Cat Will is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 21.6.0 update.


The Sacred Cat Will is a Sniper weapon, obtainable from Gold Tier 14 of the Egyptian Season Battle Pass. It has fairly low capacity, low mobility, and relatively the same fire rate as Third Eye (although Third Eye has 69 fire rate). It possesses the Zoom, X-Ray vision, and Slows The Target attributes.


The most prominent feature of the gun is the cat, which resembles Anubis, the Egyptian god of afterlife. The color scheme of the gun is mostly gray and black. However, some parts of the gun are different. The stock appears to be bone shaped, while the front of the stock and the barrel have colors similar to Gorgon Head. The tip of the muzzle has a small resemblance of Super Pixel Gun.


This weapon performs well on maps that have lots of walls and cover. Use this on extremely large maps as well. Players hiding behind walls can be seen with this weapon when scoped in.



  • Use this like the Overseer, with the added SlowsDownTarget.png attribute.


Equipment Setups


  • Initial release.


  • This weapon's appearance looks similar to the Laser Cat Rifle.
    • Fun Fact: Both of them appear in different ages, so you can say that Sacred Cat Will is the ancient Laser Cat Rifle and the other one is the modern Laser Cat Rifle.
      • However, both of them don't have the same overall attributes.
  • The damage is similar to that of Mr. Squido.

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