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Sandbox Dating is a controversial phenomenon (similar to Three Category Spamming) that occurs frequently in Sandbox mode. It occurs everywhere in the mode in question, but most frequently in private matches. It is unknown why this happens, as Pixel Gun 3D is often played by kids, and dating in sandbox mode is neither appropriate nor acceptable (due to the hazards that these activities entail, which is quite self-explanatory). Sandbox Dating usually is inappropriate, however, daters do not get banned. Before the introduction of Sandbox, many daters used private, or even public matches, especially Heaven Garden, to date. Sandbox was most likely introduced to keep daters to that mode only.


  • Again, it is unknown why players date in a pixelated shooter game.
    • Perhaps it was because the game lacked regulations.
  • It is possible that Cubic.Games has encouraged Sandbox Dating, even though Sandbox was intentionally made for casual communication and fun (non-dating) activities.
    • The Sandbox map Quiet Island is love-themed.
    • Gadgets such as Cupid's Wings (although removed) also are love-themed.
    • The Skin Editor has allowed players to customize their skins, and it can easily be abused. Players can make dating-themed or even inappropriate (including but not limited to naked) skins.
    • Some weapons made For Sandbox are also dating-themed, such as the Bouquet or the Cupid's Bow. These items can easily be abused.
    • One of the sets in the Gallery is named "Pro Dater" and contains all the sandbox exclusive weapons.
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