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The Science Lab is a medium-sized multiplayer map in Pixel Gun 3D. It was added in the 5.4.0 update.


The map takes place in a lab. It has 2 sides that are identical, with a main "courtyard" connecting the two. There are smaller sub-rooms (appearing as cages) within the 2 main rooms.

There are a series of red lasers (which kills players upon contact) and jump pads found throughout the map, allowing for a much more fast-paced battle.


  • Use the trampolines so that it would be harder for the opponent to attack you.
  • Be careful when you're using the trampolines as well because it's possible that you can land on the lasers or the lava pool.
  • Do not jump through the lasers or fall in the lava.
  • You can alternatively rocket jump with a weapon with rocket jump and no self-damage, like the Anti-Gravity Blaster.


  • This map includes trampolines, which allow the player to jump higher (or bounce).
  • SECTOR-1 contains portals that are linked to other portals scattered around the room.


  • Initial release.
  • It was removed from the game.
  • The map returned and incorporated ideas from Teleportal. The spawn rooms now contains one-way laser walls that block any players from entering back. There are now portals in the 2nd room that are linked to other portals in the same room. And the posters were changed as area damage weapons no longer have knockback.
18.0.1 (patch)
  • The new incorporated ideas from Teleportal were scrapped and the map was reverted back to its original form, however the maps lighting was changed. The laser traps also now harm you rather than instant kill you.
    • The map was removed from the game again.


  • The map seems to be inspired by the Portal video game series.
  • This is the first map to have clearly visible hazards and contraptions to aid players.
  • The spawn rooms in this map are clearly inspired by the Relaxation Chamber in the original Portal.
  • This map contains advertisements for the Anti-Gravity Blaster.
  • This is the first map with jump pads and laser traps.
  • This map, Destroyed Megalopolis, Quiet Island, Walking Fortresses, Ant's Life and Space Arena include jump pads.
  • Many elements of this map have been carried on to Space Arena.
  • This map's music can be set as the lobby music using the Jukebox.
  • There is a remake called Teleportal, which is in campaign.


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