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Secret Base is an extra large map added in the 10.4.0 update.


The map is situated near an ocean on the bottom of a mountain. The map contains a somewhat hidden base inside a rock formation, a dock area with a crane, and two guard towers, and a landing pad with a hovercraft. The base contains a storage room, an office, a room with 3 beds, a generator inside barrier fences, a desk with computers, and maps of the world on a screen.


  • Place Turrets and throw Nuclear Grenades on the spawn of the opposing team.
  • Do not use close range weapons unless in close range combat, as this is a long range map, and close range weapons may not perform very well.
  • Regarding pets, equip the Arnold 3000, since it is a ranged pet.


  • 10.4.0: The map was released
  • 11.0.0: The map was removed from Team Fight
  • 11.2.0 The map was removed from Flag Capture making it completely removed from the game
  • 18.0.0 The map was brought back and had some crates and a trampoline added


  • The map was removed in the 11.0.0 update.
  • Both computers contain the "Blue Screen of Death", an infamous error screen on a Windows computer.
  • The room with the beds contain the sound of a heart beat monitor, which can also be heard in Hospital.
  • The map of the world contains blips on Eastern Australia, Argentina, China, Chad or Sudan, Eastern Russia (presumably Moscow), and Midwestern United States.
    • The blip on Russia maybe a reference to the location of the Pixel Gun Company; Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Russia.
    • If using the Demoman, a player can shoot its projectiles into the sides of the tall grey mountains and the bombs will appear on the mountains’ top corners.
    • The same goes for Toxic Bane and any other sticky mine weapon
    • This Map has returned in the 18.0.0 and can be viewed on the private server map selection. Along with Inside the Code (Map) and Science Lab and other Maps. However a patch temporarily removed this map and other returning maps temporarily, possibly for fixing, nonetheless, it was returned to the game.
    • It was offically brought back in 18.0.1, the map recieved minor modifications including, more spawn protection and a jump pad arround the hovercraft landing pad. Additionally, a small crafte lid connecting the base roof and crane was added to make it easier for players to access the two points.