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Not to be confused with the Content Moderator rank on the wiki; Sentinels.

The Sentinel is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.6.0 update.


It is an Egyptian themed automatic gun with a scope that shoots bullets that can disable the jumps of the players. It has decent damage that has a higher fire rate, above average capacity for automatic primaries, and lower mobility.


It appears to be a smaller machine gun with some white hieroglyphic symbols on its sides, a beige clip, a brown/white stock on the back, a black/gold handle, and a glass scope.


This gun shoots bullets that can disable the jumps of the players. It has a scope which will allow for the gun to perform in longer ranges.

When reloading, the player takes out the beige clip, then puts it back.

It has no delay mechanics.



  • Aim for the head to deal additional damage.
  • Take advantage of the DisableJumps.png attribute. as it comes in handy when finishing off an opponent


  • Use a strong sniper to snipe the enemy from a distance or close by.

Equipment Setups


  • Initial release.


  • This weapon is disguised as the Water Rifle for players who haven't updated the game yet.
  • It shares the same scope as Neutron Pulsator.
  • It uses a slab of sandstone as a magazine, and the bullets are chipped rocks. When reloading, the player uses the spare magazine to break the older magazine.
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