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No man can stand against a tender serenade and a stab in the chest.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Serenade is a Melee weapon introduced in the 15.99.0 update. It is obtained from the Valentine's Trader's Van.


It is a banjo that is used as a melee weapon that attacks and charms opponents in close range. It has good damage, a decent fire rate, and good mobility. It is a 3 shot kill on average.


It is a wooden banjo with the heart-shaped marking in the middle below the strings.


The player swings this banjo to attack the opponent(s) in close range. It has a charm attribute, which makes them deal less damage to the player using this weapon.



  • Use it on weakened enemies for easy kills.
  • Use the charm to lower the enemy's weapon damage.
  • Use this in close range only, as it is a melee weapon.


  • Attack the user from long range.
  • Try not to get hit as this weapon can reduce weapon damage.
  • Strafe around so you don't get hit.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip any long ranged weapon.



  • Initial release.


  • It's the only Melee weapon with the Charm attribute.
  • It plays a actual banjo note when it swings.
  • It, along with Festive Guitar and Guitar for Fables are some of few guitar based weapons/battle royale customisations, surprisingly not all are melee.

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