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Shadow is an integral part of our being (and physics). But a shadow can become the worst nightmare of your enemy if being used against him. One of the Cubonomicon's tomes.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Shadow Spell is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a purple shadow spell that emits a shadow particle with instant bullet travel time and area damage. This weapon has a high damage output, a low fire rate, low capacity, and medium mobility. This weapon is capable of a one-shot body shot.


The Shadow Spell is a purple book with golden designs. There seems to be what looks like an eye on the front cover. The contents of the book show the shape of a character with streaks coming off of them and it also shows another Shape of a Character that seems to be Consumed by a Shadow.


When in held, the player will hold the book with his/her left hand and will have a shadow orb in the right hand.

When the fire button is pressed, a dark purple cloud will be summoned from the ground in the direction of the player's crosshairs. Any enemy caught inside the radius of the cloud will be damaged, but enemies who enter the cloud after it has been summoned will not be damaged. The cloud will leave a black circular trail, and will dissipate after a few seconds.



  • Use similarly to the Thunder Spell or Little Cthulhu.
  • This weapon can one-shot with high modules, and deals area damage, making it possible to shoot randomly and kill someone.
  • To well-benefit from the area damage, use it against groups of enemies.
  • It has an instant bullet travel time, similar to most sniper weapons.
  • You cannot rocket jump with this weapon, but the area damage can still hurt you, so avoid being too close to your target.
  • Avoid being too far as well, for this is a sniper weapon without a scope.


  • This weapon has a slow fire rate, so attack its users with high rate of fire weapons.
  • Attack its users from long ranges, as this weapon doesn't have a scope.
  • Jumping may prove very effective since its area damage mainly affects the ground, and the chance of hitting you whilst airborne is low.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Use something that can slow down the target so hitting players at long ranges can be easier.
  • If the area damage does not seem to do anything, use a heavy weapon with a large blast radius.



Initial release. It was a 2 hit kill.


It got buffed to a one-hit kill.


It got nerfed to a two-hit kill.


  • The Shadow Spell is one of 5 spell books added in the 13.2.0 update along with the Curse Spell, Poison Spell, Airblade Spell, and Earth Spike Spell.
  • When the Shadow Spell hits something, a dark, shadow-like cloud comes out from the bottom of where the projectile landed. This, however, is only for cosmetics and does not have any after-effect damage.
  • The Shadow Spell's stats claim it has an ammo capacity amount of 1, but it actually has 16 shots per clip. It just doesn't need to reload.
  • This weapon seems to belong more in the Heavy Section, with a huge blast radius, devastating damage, low mobility, and a lack of a scope.
  • This, along with the Thunder Spell are the only spell books to not have projectiles with travel time.

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