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When you become a Shaman King, you will not only get the respect from people and spirits, but also you will receive this gracious bow. It strikes both those who have body and those that don't.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Shaman's Bow is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 14.1.0 update.


The Shaman's Bow is a bow that shoots a green arrow with a random effect attribute. It's most commonly used in long ranges. Its damage is moderate, fire rate is decent, capacity is great and mobility is fine.


It looks like a jungle-themed bow, with 4 animal teeth on the front of the bow. It has a green drawstring, and a grey bone arrow rest.

The arrow has a green shaft, with purple fetching and a bright green/yellow tip containing poison.


This weapon shoots a brown arrow with a green tip that is silently shot, has an instant bullet travel time and a random effect attribute (poison, burn and bleed, but in any case, it makes the opponent lose health for a few seconds).

This weapon is a bow so it has no single-shot system. It has an input delay which means that it gets a delay when switched from a weapon that has output delay.


This weapon deals high damage and has an average fire-rate for a sniper. Due to the "Random effects" attribute, this weapon can be very useful and handy in weakening enemy players.


  • Aim for the head to maximize damage output.
  • Try aiming for weakened players.
  • Try using combos by shooting enemies with this weapon first and then use another weapon to finish them off.
  • Take advantage of its Random Effect attribute as its effective for damaging enemies over time, and could potentially kill a target.
  • Like all bows, its shots cannot be heard from a distance, use this as an advantage by picking off users at a distance.
  • This weapon, like most snipers, has no travel time and also does not lose accuracy much, if at all, when the firing button is held down.
  • This weapon can kill in 2-3 body shots, and kill in 1-2 head shots. It's possible to kill with one shot, using the Random Effects attribute.
  • If using the Leader's Drum, it can one shot max armored players no matter where you hit them.
  • This weapon has output delay (it give weapons you switch to delay). Keep that in mind when 3 cat spamming with it.


  • The Random Effects attribute will very easily tear your armor and annoy you, so try to avoid engaging them at medium ranges.
  • When forced in a close range combat try using a shotgun, or your melee weapon if you don't have any.
  • Try sniping them with a weapon that is more suitable for long ranges.
  • Use your heavy in medium to close range combat to mess them up and confuse them.
  • Do not get fooled by this weapons projectile motion animation, as it's travel-time is instant.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring a good primary or a backup weapon for when this weapon runs out of ammo. This weapon is meant for weakening enemy players or disturbing them. This is more like a support weapon, so have a good primary and other weapons that can do what this weapon can't. However, with the right equipment this weapon is a 1 - 2 shot kill with effects.



  • The Shaman's Bow is released.


  • This weapon gets buffed to an Efficiency of 39.0, making it possible to one shot opponents.



  • It is the 8th bow added to the game.
  • The Poison attribute was changed to Random Effects shortly after its release.
  • It is the first weapon from the "Sniper" category to feature random effects, the first weapon in the game is Fidget Thrower.
  • It is one of two bows to belong to someone, the other being Cupid’s Bow
  • This weapon does not have travel time, despite the purple trail the arrow makes

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