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We have implemented a shotgun in your pistol so that you could shoot from the shotgun while shooting from the pistol. Cool, ya? (we haven't installed a display yet, tho)

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Shotgun Pistol is a Backup weapon introduced in the 10.1.0 update.


It is a blue pistol that shoots multiple bullets with a spread at once just like any other shotgun. It has a high Efficiency, has a high rate of fire (for a shotgun), a fairly sized magazine and medium-high mobility. This weapon is also very effective in close range, so a close range map is a good idea for this weapon. Part of a War Hammer gimmick pack for the iconic skull.


It appears to be a blue blaster with a yellow barrel and an extremely bulky ammo drum. There is a large yellow skull with a stitched face in the front of the gun's ammo clip, with tiny white skulls on both sides of the gun. The skulls look like the ones from the Dual Machine Guns.


Since it is a pistol, the player holds this pistol from their right hand. Since it is a shotgun at the same time, it shoots multiple bullets at once with a spread. The bullets are regular bullets that have instant bullet travel time. It has lower damage compared to the majority of Shotguns. When shooting, the drum magazine of the weapon turns 360 degrees once.

When reloading, the large magazine from the bottom is taken out and is replaced by a spare magazine. It has no delay mechanics whatsoever.



  • Get close to your opponent any chance you get. A few well-placed shots at near point-blank range can deal a large amount of damage, especially with a headshot.
  • Because of the bullet spread, try avoiding using this weapon in longer-ranged battles, as it will deal little if any, damage to enemy players because it is close range.
  • The Shotgun Pistol has a fast reloading speed, meaning you can get almost right back into battle after.
  • It is useful for taking down lone targets.
  • This weapon can be used against melee users (due to the melee weapon's inferior range compared to any ranged weapons).


  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Stay on the move to avoid the bullet spreads to lessen the incoming damage, then counterattack any chance you get.
  • The Shotgun Pistol may have a high fire rate, but this means the user can also run out of ammo rather quickly, so evading its shots will result in people who use this more than other weapons running out of ammo.
  • Use other high damaging weapons such as the Laser Minigun as it is excellent in slaughtering it's users.


Information Image
  • Name: Golden
  • Weapon: Shotgun Pistol
  • Cost: 250 Gem.png
  • Released: 11.0.0
Gold shotgun pistol.png

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Pair this with a long-ranged weapon to fight enemies from afar.



  • Initial release.


  • The Shotgun Pistol was removed from the Lucky Chest.


  • Its Efficiency was changed to 29. For those players who did not have this weapon, they will instead be able to upgrade it into an Up1 form with a 29 Efficiency.


  • Earlier owners of this gun get an extra boost for this weapon, where it is combat level 17 and can 1 headshot kill at very close range.


  • This weapon's Efficiency got buffed to 31, making it a 3 headshots kill.


  • There was also another weapon added called the Shotgun Pistol. However, it was later rectified.


  • It was nerfed.


  • Each time when firing, this weapon's magazine spins 360 degrees clockwise. But if firing or not, the magazine will always spin 360 degrees.
  • This gun has a very similar reload animation as the Assault Machine Gun and the "Predator".
  • This weapon has one of the fastest reload time of all the Backup weapons.
  • This is the only Shotgun-based weapon that has the custom skin, which is available at Ruby League.
  • The skulls on the side are the same with the Dual Machine Guns.
  • It's initial power has also been changed, it now starts at 25 where it used to be 18.
  • It became much more expensive in the later updates.

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