Siege Traps are traps that appear in set places throughout the Fort Siege map. Some deal low damage, some deal high damage, others don’t deal damage at all. After being triggered, traps usually take around 30 seconds to reappear. Each trap has its own attributes. There are currently 6 Siege Traps so far.


Spiderwebs don’t inflict damage like most of the traps do. Instead, they inflict slows on anyone that treads onto them, making these people vulnerable to attack. Their rarity is Common.



These are exactly the same mines from the D-Day map in Multiplayer, except much more damaging. Anyone who steps on them loses all of their armor and a moderately sized chunk of health due to the damage. However, they can be shot using any ranged weapon to make them trigger immediately, therefore making them harmless. Their rarity is Uncommon.


Poison Mushroom

These deal the least damage out of all the damage traps, but they do inflict Poison on anyone who wanders near them, dealing damage over time. Their rarity is Rare.



These traps are very easy to spot, but hard to avoid, as they can still hit you even when you jump, unlike the Mines. They instantly kill anyone they hit, unless the victim has the Burning Tiara paired with Berserk Cape, or Exo Pilot Armor. Their rarity is Epic.


Spider Mines

Spider Mines are very hard to spot. When triggered, they will pop up from the ground and slowly move toward their victim. However, like the Mines, they can be shot to make them trigger instantly, making them harmless. Their rarity is Legendary.


Alien Gravitron

The Alien Gravitron is without a doubt the most interesting trap in the game. It doesn’t deal any damage, but when triggered, will teleport attackers back to their spawn zone. When a player is teleported back, they will not have their health and armor restored like a normal respawn. Its rarity is Mythical.


Countering Traps

Simply avoid the traps, as they are very easy to spot and identify (with the exception of Spider Mines). Don’t let players force you into any of the traps either; they are all deadly in their own ways. When shooting Mines or Spider Mines to trigger them, use weapons such as the Cursed Pirate or Dragon King in case you get ambushed while doing so. Do NOT use a close-quarters weapon to trigger them, as the blast radius can still damage you.


  • The Poison Mushrooms somewhat resemble the Giant Mushrooms from Minecraft.
  • The Traps resemble real-life bear traps.
  • The Traps are the only Siege Trap to not disappear after being triggered. Instead, they remain in a closed position until they are off cooldown.
  • The Spiderweb and the Alien Gravitron are the only traps that don’t damage foes.
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