The Simple Egg is a type of Egg introduced in the 11.1.0 update. It can give the player Common, Uncommon, Rare or Mythical pets.


It is available in two cosmetic forms, one which is white with green polka-dots, and one which is green with white polka-dots.

Obtainable Pets

These are the list of pets obtainable through the Simple Egg.

Common Pets

Uncommon Pets

Rare Pets

Mythical Pets


  • Alongside the other eggs, the appearances of the eggs are a reference to Yoshi Eggs from the Super Mario franchise.
    • This egg however, gives away the most reference, as Yoshi Eggs are typically green in the games.
  • One of the cosmetic forms of the Champion Eggs do not look exactly the same as one of the forms of this egg type. The Champion Egg has a different shade of green.
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