The Simple Kennel is a Pet House introduced in the 12.0.0 update.


It appears to be a kennel with a green rug with the pet symbol. It has a small wooden staircase, a small carpet in the interior and the kennel is made out of wood. The borders of the doorway is light gray, and the sides are ma de out of dark stone bricks.


It is used to accelerate the speed of Pets.


  • It looks similar to the Simple Nest.
  • Despite it being a kennel, players can still equip flying pets even when the kennel is placed in the lobby.
  • When the 14.1.0 update came out, everyone received this craft item for free, because of how the new pets system worked. You would have to tap the Simple Kennel/any pet house in order to access your pet inventory. There, you could incubate eggs, train your pets, and equip/unequip pets.
    • However, once the 15.0.0 update came out, the new pets system was replaced by the old pets system, and the pets were returned to the Armory.
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