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The Simple Shotgun Up2 is a Primary weapon introduced in the 3.4.0 update in Pixel Gun World. It is the third form of the Simple Shotgun.


Just like the Simple Shotgun Up1, except at the back, a bullet pack has been added. However, it does not modify the ammunition.


The Simple Shotgun Up2 has great lethality (if fighting in close range), a good fire rate, a good capacity and a moderate mobility.


  • It's best used for levels under 7 due to this weapon, having a more powerful upgrade, being unlocked at level 7.
  • Use this in close range and aim for the head.
  • Use this at players with lower armor for ammunition saving and faster killing.
  • Don't stop dodging left and right while jumping (and killing), especially at users who are currently using weapons that aren't really effective against dodgers.


Pick off its users from medium range or higher.

Use a weapon that has the advantage to take out its user(s), like the Tiger Claws or the Sea Devil.


Simple Shotgun Up3




This and 8 other weapons in PGW have 3 upgrades.

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