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The Singular Grenade is a Throwing gadget of the Legendary grade introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


The main parts are light grey, with four purple supporting rods, one on each side. There is a small mechanic (lid) with a wire connecting into the body of the grenade. It has a grey and purple base with red details. It is similar to the grenade in some ways.


The player throws the Singular Grenade from their right hand. Around 1-2 seconds later, it implodes and creates a purple black-hole type sphere and plays a high-pitched sound effect and exhausts as the black hole evaporates. This hole traps nearby players for a short amount of time by sucking them into the hole, hard enough to make running and escaping difficult without rocket jumping and making it easier for the user and/or the teammates to kill the opponents. The hole lasts for a moment and can be increased by upgrading.



  • Throw at the middle where there are groups of enemies and use a high damage area damage weapon, such as the Christmas Ultimatum.
  • Throw this in mid-air so enemies won't escape from rocket jumping with a weapon such as the Rocker Jumper or using the Jetpack.
  • Another weapon that can be used is a shotgun, such as the Predator, Heavy Shotgun, or the more efficient Photon Shotgun.
  • Use other weapons and kill many of the incapacitated targets as you can.
    • When you're in the hole, you can also do the same thing, killing as many players as you can, it's just a bit more difficult.
  • Try pulling people off the map by throwing it a bit off the ledge.
  • In Flag Capture, throw a grenade near the enemies' spawn, delaying their actions and giving you enough time to bring the enemy flag back to your own.
  • In Point Capture, throw a grenade near the enemies' spawn, where it will delay their actions for a short time, giving you free time for capturing points.
  • Jetpacking/airborne/Rocket Jumping targets can be sucked into the black hole and making them open for attacks, but players can still use weapons with rocket jump or pulling towards target attributes to escape.
  • This is a great counter to theRobot Samurai. When they are chasing you, spam this right on the ground so they walk right in front of it.
  • Use this against crowds of enemies, and use a strong area damage weapon like the Destruction System to finish them off, letting you gain tons of points in a short period of time.
  • If used in modes such as Arena or Campaign, you can stop enemies from moving for a period of time. This can be especially useful against swarms of monsters or bosses.


  • Play on long ranged maps, where this gadget will not be able to group players in a place easily.
  • If you have equipped very good Wear and hold a weapon with 85 or higher mobility, you will be able to escape the gravitation force.
  • Stay very far away from the black hole, because this can quickly suck players into it.
  • If you find yourself stuck in the black hole’s pull, immediately rocket jump and double jump away. This will almost always free you from the black hole’s grasp, and it will give your opponent no opportunity to capitalize on you.
  • It's possibly to free yourself from the black hole by using max mobility setup with Neutron Pulsator or any melee that has a mobility of at least 85 with high level Alloy or Accelerator.
  • Try not to be close to your teammates when this gadget is thrown especially in Team Fight, as all of you can be sucked in, making all of you vulnerable.
  • Try to use a weapon with PullingTowardsTarget.png like the Pulling Sucker Gun to escape it.
  • Try to rocket jump out of the black hole. Use weapons with no self-damage like the Proton Freezer or the Automatic Decorator.
  • Try to rocket jump to get away before an enemy activates this.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 40 Seconds 5 Seconds
Tier 1 39 Seconds 5 Seconds
Tier 2 38 Seconds 6 Seconds
Tier 3 37 Seconds 6 Seconds
Tier 4 36 Seconds 7 Seconds
Tier 5 35 Seconds 7 Seconds
Tier 6 34 Seconds 8 Seconds
Tier 7 33 Seconds 8 Seconds
Final Tier 32 Seconds 9 Seconds


  • It's proper name must've been "Singularity Grenade". Possibly due to translation problems resulted in the word "Singular".
    • A singularity is the "core" of a black hole, where a gravitational field becomes infinite.
    • If a black hole is made from this device, in reality, it is enough to grow larger and eventually swallow the whole Earth.
  • This gadget's ability is very similar to the "Graviton Surge", the Ultimate Ability of Zarya from Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. Both create a black hole-like vortex that pulls in enemy players, leaving them vulnerable to damage.
  • If you're the one who has thrown it, you won't get sucked in.
    • If you or your teammate has thrown this, none of the players in the same team will get sucked in.
  • Even though this is a grenade which creates a black hole, players don't actually get sucked in nor stretched beyond recognition.
  • It is the first gadget and item to feature the GravitationForce.png attribute, the second being the Super Magnet.
  • The gadget is not as useful as it was now due to the high mobility weapons are very common now and easily escapable.

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