The Skeleton is a common enemy. It is found during the Campaign, and on the Raid map Magical Valley.



  • Damage: 1 Heart new.png
  • Health: 6 Heart new.png
  • Speed: Moderate


  • Damage: 1 Heart new.png
  • Health: 9 Heart new.png
  • Speed: Moderate


  • Damage: 1 Heart new.png
  • Health: 9 Heart new.png
  • Speed: Moderate


It will stumble towards you, arms raised. It does not have very good navigation, so it can become trapped or delayed by obstacles. It movement is similar to the Zombie.


It is a normal skeleton with white bones and red eyes. Due to transparency issues, the hollow spaces between its bones are represented by the colour black.

A full appearance of the Skeleton.



  • There is a skin in the Armory called "Skeleton". It's identical to this enemy and is a default skin.
  • It is one of the oldest enemies added in the game.
  • There are two similar enemies which are the Skeleton Mage and the Skeleton Runner.
  • There are three dug-up skeletons in the Aztec Temple map.
  • They used to be found in both Pixel Gun games, until the discontinuation of Pixel Gun World.
  • Previously, they were also found in Arena mode, but have since been removed for an unknown reason.


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