The Skeleton Mage is a common enemy found in the Castle Campaign Level. It is also in Utopia and Deadly Arena maps in Co-op Survival. He is also a boss in the Magical Valley raid.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 10 Heart new 6 Heart new Slow
Medium 14 Heart new 9 Heart new Slow
Hard 17 Heart new 12 Heart new Slow


It appears to be a skeleton wearing tattered purple robes. Its skull is missing its mandible and a tooth, while its abdomen is exposed. Its hands and eyes seem to be covered in a green substance, similar to the orb on the wand it wields.


It will walk towards the player, and once in range, it will start shooting at the player with its wand/staff while standing still.




  • Stay far away from this enemy as its projectiles have travel time the farther away you are from it the easier it is to strafe around the projectiles kill this enemy at a distance using snipers or weapons with scopes.
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