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The Sleipnir is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.0.0 update as part of the Supreme God Odin special set.


Sleipnir is a norse mythology themed primary weapon. It features piercing shot, critical damage, slows the target and target mark. This weapon has high damage and is one of the strongest automatic weapons in the game. It is usually 6-9 shots.


The weapon has mostly golden accents and dark teal in the butt of the weapon and magazine. It also features a golden horse's head near the scope.The scope also appears to be a cyan capital M, when you zoom in, the scope is identical to the Neutron Pulsator.


It is a strong automatic that goes on par with Ice Chaser and Storm. It has a fast fire rate of 98 and a 4x scope, useful for longer range battles. It has piercing shot, making it useful against hordes of enemies. It also features target mark, making it easy for you and your teammates to track down enemies. It has exceptional damage on top with critical damage, making it 6-9 shots to kill.




  • Use this to slow escaping enemies.
  • Use this against groups of enemies because of its piercing shot.
  • Use the Target Mark attribute to your own advantage to track down enemies.
  • Use this in medium to long range because of its scope.


  • Shotguns at close range will overpower users with this weapon.
  • Strong melees like One-Punch Gauntlet can take care of these users.
  • Snipers from long range can make quick work because of its high damage.
  • Strafe to the sides to make it harder for the person to shoot you.
  • Use the Stealth Bracelet to make the person aim at you harder.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip weapons with wall break such as the Battle Falcon since after the opponent gets hit, the opponent gets target marked so you can use the Battle Falcon to finish the user off through the wall.



  • Initial Release


  • The weapons firing sounds similar to the Advanced Scout Rifle but much more faster.
  • It resembles the Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse who belonged to Odin.
  • When you zoom in, the scope is identical to the neutron pulsator.
  • This has the same color scheme as the Rocket Mech.
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