The Slender Zombie is a common enemy found in the Forest level.


Its stats differ from each difficulty:

Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 1Heart new 2-3Heart new Fast
Medium 2Heart new 3-4Heart new Fast
Hard 3Heart new 4Heart new Fast


The Zombie will run towards the player, much like any other runner. It has good maneuvering abilities.


It is a white human-like creature in a suit. It walks towards the player and swings its arms to attack. It looks like Slenderman with the faceless head and the suit.


A full appearance of the Slender Zombie.



  • This enemy cannot teleport, unlike its boss counterpart.
  • Its former boss counterpart has the same appearance, except with bloody hands.
  • This enemy is very similar to the boss of the level it is in since they both have the same skin and both have normal feet and had the same death animation. The only difference is that Slender Man has bloody hands, tentacles (which attacks in milliseconds) and is much taller. 
  • You can choose its skin as a skin in multiplayer modes.
  • This enemy is based on Slenderman, the horror game character by Something Awful.


  • When trying to avoid being damaged don't go on top of the RV trailer as they can somehow hit you through the roof
  • Try not to get swarmed by this enemy.

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