The Soldier Crawler is a common enemy encountered in the City map.


It is a crawling zombie with ripped camouflage clothes. It has red eyes, and some kind of mask covering his mouth. It wears a tattered black vest and gloves. It also wears a helmet. It has a faint outline of a pistol holster on it's side. It may have been a soldier before it was infected.


Like all crawlers, it will crawl towards the player, getting stuck on most obstacles. When in reach of the player it will use its hand to attack. You can however jump on top of it despite it hurting you.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 1 Heart new 3 Heart new Slow
Medium 1 Heart new 6 Heart new Slow
Hard 1 Heart new 6 Heart new Slow


  • City
    Soldier Crawler

    A full appearance of City Crawler.


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