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Spaceship is the first level of Virtual Worlds in Campaign.


After an uncertain amount of time floating inside the internet Newbie, the Newbie is picked up from a crane arm from a passing ship. Inside, the Newbie returns to his physical form, where a mysterious figure with a black coat and sunglasses welcomes him. Before the figure could say anything, the ship is attacked by drones, in which the Newbie will have to defend the ship's generators from the oncoming assault.




The ship itself takes the form of the body of an AT-AT Walker from Walking Fortresses.

Inside, there is a tall yellow generator in the middle and two open doors. At the front is the cockpit, where the spaceship operator can be seen. On the deck, there are two additional generators on the north and south decks.


  • The player must defend the three generators from the horde of enemies. If the health of the generators runs out, then the player will lose.
  • It should be noted that the player will not start with his/her loadout. Instead, they will be given a System Admin, Flash Drive, and an 0xbadc0de.
  • Make sure to defend the first generator upon spawning, then move to the top.
  • Move between generator to generator, make sure to keep moving to each of the three points.
  • Search for any ammo pickups as one will be running out of ammo quickly.
    • However, it is worth noting that all the monsters are easy to defeat using the System Admin alone. Prioritize defending first and then ammo for the final boss.
  • Use your System Admin as your main weapon and only switch to the Flash Drive when out of ammo.
  • Once an enemy has been attacked, they will lose aggro to the generator and attack you instead. This can be useful for keeping the enemies away from the generators.

Hidden Coin and Gem

The Coin is on the top of the ship head on the left. Try to be careful to not fall down.

The gem can be seen on one of the jump pads on the side of the ship.


  • This is the first level where a unique objective is given to the player.
  • It is also the first time where it is not possible to change the loadout of the player.
  • The spaceship is just an AT-AT walker from Walking Fortresses, with its legs taken off and put in a space background.


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