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Sparking Eel in use

Electrification of weapons is an important process. However this "evolution" caused a problem on the market - there are no batteries anymore. This gun, for example, requires 5 AA batteries per a shot.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Sparkling Eel is a Special weapon introduced in the 14.0.0 update.


It is a blue, insect looking weapon that shoots an electric blue orb. It has high damage, low fire rate, moderate capacity, and moderate mobility.


It appears to be a reskin of the Swarmer. Instead of being purple and orange like the Swarmer, it is mainly dark blue with yellow as the color of its eyes, and a light crystal like blue fangs. It is an electric eel which has 6 legs, one eye on the top, and two eyes on the side of its fangs.


This weapon shoots a blue substance that acts like a rocket with a certain bullet travel time. Moreover, the Chain Damage and Slows Down Target mechanics add to the fear factor, as the player doesn’t even need to be hit directly in order to take damage.

When reloading, a substance is inserted into the weapon's dispenser. It has no delay mechanics.

It is possible to perform Three Category Spam with this weapon. However, it has travel time, so time your shots carefully.



  • Spam this weapon into choke areas such as control points.
  • Try to save ammo, as it runs out of it easily and doesn’t have much reserve ammo.
  • Do not attack fast-moving or air targets, as this weapon has bullet travel time.
  • Abuse this weapon’s mechanic when enemies are grouped up tightly. That way, you’ll be able to hit all of them at once.
  • Attack a user's pet; when the rocket hits, the chain damage will also hit the player.
  • This weapon can easily kill players now with the buff. Use this after a weapon you used that the opponent survived to get easy kills.
  • If you can upgrade this to legendary, it can usually 2shot players, with the chain damage.
  • You will have to calculate when to fire, so the rocket hits the target.


  • Strafe around so that users would miss their aim.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Never stand still, and stay away from teammates, as this weapon's chain-damage can easily kill you. The farther you are from them, the lesser the chance you will be hit by the stray chain shots.
  • Attack the user at close range with a Melee.
    • You can also use a Sniper weapon as this weapon has travel time.

Recommended Maps

Module damages

Since the Sparkling Eel is a Special weapon, it uses primary modules, whether it is kinetic, magic, or energy, all of them increase the weapon's base damage the same way, except in Raids, where the modules needed depend on what module the enemies are weak to.

At level 65 and at its default grade, given that the Sparkling Eel has a base damage of 69 in the body, with Special modules, this damage is increased, depending on the level of the modules. The following table shows the additional damage that the Sparkling Eel can do when a Special module is equipped.

Level Total percentage increase Estimated body damage with module Estimated head damage with module
1 +2% 70 N/A
2 +3% 71 N/A
3 +4% 71 N/A
4 +6% 73 N/A
5 +8% 74 N/A
6 +12% 77 N/A
7 +16% 80 N/A
8 +20% 82 N/A
9 +25% 86 N/A
10 +30% 89 N/A

Equipment Setups

Equip a sidearm with high ammo, as this weapon has a low ammo capacity. Equip the module for special weapons to increase ammo capacity.



  • Initial release.


  • Its Efficiency was nerfed from 28 to 25.


  • Its damage was increased by 33%.


  • Although this is the reskin of the Swarmer, it does not have the homing missile attribute that the Swarmer has.
  • This was the hard counter to Judge users. Since they were forced to stand still while using their weapon, the chain-damage would easily kill them.
  • The weapon might be inspired by the shock roach from Half-Life: Opposing Force as both weapons are organic bio-firearms although both have their differences; the sparkling eel fires electricity while ironically the shock roach fires plasma and has technically an infinite ammo supply.
  • This weapon would be considered a biological weapon due to it having organic components.


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