The Spear of War is a Melee weapon introduced in the 17.8.0 update.


Spear of War is a Greek mythology themed Melee weapon introduced in the Olympus Update as part of the Battle Pass Rewards. It deals great damage, has a good range for a melee, and average mobility.


The weapon appears to be a Greek spear with the tip being gold and the hilt is rose-colored, the bottom appears to have 4 spikes around each side, there also is a band on the spear which is yellow with red marks.

The shield is also Greek themed as it has the helmet of Ares on the front with it being colored with all red alongside yellow-gold stripes and marks.


When attacking, the player performs a stabbing animation and deals great damage to whoever gets hit. It is usually 1 shot depending on modules if not, 2 shots or the burning effect will finish them off. You also have to aim it precisely, as the hitbox is quite small.

This weapon has fixed delay, meaning whenever you switch to this weapon it always has a delay that lasts about half a second.



  • As with every melee weapon, use this whenever the enemy is trying to get close to you.
  • Equip Energy Shield module combination and rush to your enemy to kill them with ease.
  • Immediately switch to this weapon if you see an opponent with a weapon with Burning so as to avoid taking additional damage.


  • While this weapon has good range, it has 65 mobility so use a melee weapon with 85 or 100.mobility to outrun its users if you are escaping.
  • If engaged in a melee combat, strafe while trying to hit your enemy.
  • Use this weapon yourself to counter its users.
  • Never use burning weapons (if you plan to weaken them) as the burning effects will be nullified.

Recommended Maps 

Equipment Setups 

  • Bring a powerful Sniper with you.



  • Initial release.
  • Range got increased.
  • Got nerfed into a 4 shot kill to gold clan armor players.


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