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  • Medusa (Boss)
  • Red Biclops
  • Mecha Goblin
  • Mega Living Boulder
  • Witch Doctor (Boss)
  • Living Boulder
  • Fire Sprite
  • Forest Sprite
  • Green Goblin
  • Blue Goblin
  • Ogre
  • Gorgon Wizard
  • Gorgon Warrior
  • Zombie Head Enemy 2

Update Weapon Cost

Adding the Way To Obtain section of the infobox describing all the ways about how that specific weapon is obtained. There are pages that have been done but there are a lot isn't. All of the possible ways to obtain are
(With that said, the level required has to be updated as well)

Golden Skin Prices

Type in the price of the golden skin in Weapon Skins and the respective pages of the following weapons

Update Content

  • Level (PG3D) (content unlocked)
  • Level required for each weapons

Expand Enemy Pages

Expand these article in order to keep these pages full of informations

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