A cluster of the current looking spiders

Spider's old model.

The Spider is a common enemy found in Campaign and Arena.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 3Heart new.png 2Heart new.png Fast
Medium 4Heart new.png 2-3Heart new.png Fast
Hard 5Heart new.png 3Heart new.png Fast


It will crawl towards the player, and attacks the player with its fangs and front legs when it gets close. It is also hard to be seen.


It is small and mostly black with a red crosshair design on its back, resembling the black widow spider. It camouflages well to a black ground.


  • It can be killed with one shot with most if not all weapons.
  • It is based on a black widow spider.
  • It is the enemy that guards the Spider Boss in Swamp.
  • There is a Siege Monster based on the Spider called the Cluster of Spiders.
  • The spider is the enemy with the lowest health.
  • The old version looks somewhat similar to the Spider from Minecraft.
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