The Spider Mine is one of only two suicide enemies found in the Campaign, and is exclusive to Virtual Worlds. (As of now)

1 2 Spider Mineo


Much like their counterparts in Siege, they are small, walking mines with red lights in front as well as on top of them. They seem be futuristic military assets, but instead roam freely within the depths of cyberspace. Their legs are a grayish-white with the main body being a darker gray.


They will run up to you and emit a small beeping noise before detonating in your face. Often times, this is not enough to kill a player, so they come in packs of usually 2 to 3. They are still able to move while counting down and shooting them will cause them to blow up anyway.

In the Spaceship mission, they don’t need to be near a player to begin its detonation countdown. Instead, it will do this once it’s near a generator. This will deal considerable damage to the generators, but swarms of Cyber Phoenixes often do most of the damage.


  • Try to keep your distance as much as possible, as even though it probably won‘t kill you, it can still deal more than enough damage to be a nuisance, especially when paired with projectile shooting enemies and laser traps like in Teleportal.
  • Don’t think the explosion caused by the enemy can take out other enemies. Apparently, monsters wear some sort of special flak jacket that makes them immune to their explosions, but not from explosions that the player himself causes.
  • On the idea of keeping your distance, avoid stopping as a whole. This is a general rule of thumb in the entire game, but this is especially true for robotic explosive fanatics. This is because doing so for more than a few seconds can give them plenty of time to catch up to you.
  • If one is going to explode, try rocket jumping or using a jump pad to avoid the following explosion. This will give you enough time to rearm and compose yourself until the monsters round the corner again.
  • Shoot it enough, and it will explode, but make sure to be out of the damage radius before you fire.
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