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The Spirit Mask is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 18.1.0 update. It is part of the Summer Spirit Set


It is a large mask that acts like a shield. It deals very high damage at full charge with a slow fire rate, a good ammo capacity, but low mobility.


It appears to be a large, tiki mask. It has two large, menacing eyes and two rows of huge teeth. The sides are green, possibly made out of bamboo. On the top, there are 5 different sized feathers. There is a symmetrical golden pattern at the bottom of this mask


When the attack button is held down, the eyes of the mask will roll around while the feathers shake. The mouth will open and a red/rainbow shield that extends from behind the mask. The shield shines rainbow and it will protect the user from projectiles. When the attack button is let go, the mouth will shoot out a red/rainbow projectile with Area Damage. The gauge in the middle of the screen when holding down the attack button will determine how powerful the projectile will be, with a fully charged attack dealing the most damage.



  • When this is used by an ally or yourself, you or your ally should have a Healing Staff to heal the player while staying back behind the shield. This method could be very effective during Clan Raid.
  • Aim for groups of enemies to gain multiple kills.
  • Use this with teammates to defend them.
  • Switch to high mobility since this weapon does not have mobility optimal enough for fleeing purposes, or spam the fire bottom to dash away.
  • It can block virtually any projectile or laser including area damage projectiles, piercing shots, and even wall-break shots. Although take note there are some weapons that can bypass it completely.
    • Note that it does not hold an infinite amount of capacity, so do not be comfortable to the idea that you can use the shield mode without having to reload. The capacity will be drained when blocking incoming damage and can run out, resulting in no shield.
      • This is even worse if an enemy with a more powerful weapon hits your shield.
  • This weapon is extremely useful Siege since you can protect yourself and stay on the ram, giving an advantage for your team.
  • Use this when you are low on health and armor.
  • You can deploy the shield and stay in a corner.After that,when enemy gets close, finish the enemy off with a strong weapon.
  • Use Heavy Modules will help with the overall performance of the weapon..
  • Pair it with the Sly Wolf for a deadly combo.
    • This weapon has a far greater pickup rate than the Sly Wolf, so it maybe be preferable to use this in extended firefights to last longer.
    • Much like Sly Wolf, Piercer is a complete middle finger to this, so don't keep the shield up for too long if you know your enemy has Piercer.


  • Attack its users from behind.
  • Move quickly with an 85 mobility weapon through the Spirit Mask's barrier then fire with a shotgun such as Ultimatum or Acid Shotgun.
    • Although this method is very risky and can get you killed.
  • Strafe around the user while firing to avoid getting hit.
  • Fire explosives towards its users surrounding side, so he will be hit.
  • Stay airborne or get on a wall so there will be less chance its users will hit you.
  • Fire contact detonator projectiles on the ground, especially in hallways, since users trying to charge towards you will receive damage and even kill themselves.
  • This weapon uses up more ammo the more damage is absorbed, you may spam high damaging weapons to drain it's user's ammo supply since it is limited.
  • If all else fails, use a high-damaging weapon, and aim directly at the Spirit Mask user. Make sure you are face-to-face with him/her. Because the Spirit Mask user will not be able to change his moving direction while charging, when he charges at you, your crosshair should be still on the Spirit Mask user. Shoot him while he is dashing.
  • Try to rocket jump over the user and snipe them overhead.
  • Similar to the Spirit Mask, this weapon can block virtually any projectile, including wall break weapons, there are weapons that can bypass this shield completely.
    • Combat Yo-Yo and Whip with Cake are effective counters because they have the weird AoE that can go through walls the Spirit Mask shield.
    • Use the Ice Club, Battle Falcon, Cthulhu Legacy, Ban Hammer, Knight's Axe and PGA-06 TV due to their Consecutive Explosion attribute, These weapons ignore the Shield attribute.
    • Solar Flare and Tomianom can easily kill your opponent due to thier Plasma Rocket attribute but you need atleast a level 5 Pouch module or else you could get killed while you are reloading with a 1 shot shotgun such as the Ultimatum since their reload speed got nerfed
    • Use the Tesla Cannon to counter the Spirit Mask users, because its area of effect is large enough to penetrate through the shield.
    • Use the Gold Fever, as it summons spikes from the ground, and ignores the shield.
    • The Lance Soul Card has a large enough area damage + piercing shots, that it can kill people using this weapon with the shield on. This is one of the few weapons that have the largest area damage that is the reason why that makes it a good Spirit Mask counter weapon.
    • The Ferocious Poleaxe has a large enough area damage to hit people using this weapon.
  • Look for the gaps e.g. between the shield and the ground.
  • Use a fast firing rate weapon such as Crystal Laser Cannon or Neutron Pulsator as it can have enough force to make the player run out of ammo quickly.

Recommended maps

Equipment Setups

A strong primary to finish off opponents if it doesn't 1 shot and a good backup preferably with no delay so you can quickly finish off low health opponents



  • Initial release.


  • This is the 3rd weapon to have the shield attribute after the Sly Wolf and Gangsta Shield (that got its attribute changed to barrier in version 21.2.2).
  • This weapon acts more like the Protector of Peace attack wise, but still having the energy shield style of Sly Wolf.
    • Since this weapon has the same ability as the two listed above, it can be considered as a hybrid of two shields.

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