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The Spirit Staff is a Melee weapon introduced in the 17.2.0 update. It is obtained from the Oriental Season Battle Pass and the Dino lottery in the 21.3 update.


It is a double sided staff which has the ability of super punch and burning. It does amazing damage when paired with the burning attribute, a decent attack speed and a high mobility of 85. It also has a good range and huge area damage.


It appears to be a double-sided staff with what looks like lasers at both of its end. Its handle has white and gray accents and is partially wooden. The hilt also has some golden decals. It strongly resembles the Double-bladed lightsaber from Star Wars.


This weapon is usually used to rush in and the best way to kill people with it is to have a primary weapon such as Viking or Ultimatum so the player can shoot their enemy and finish them off with the Spirit Staff, which performs best at melee range. The burning effect gives the player a higher chance to kill their opponent with 1 tap. It is most likely to get a kill with the super punch because it does much more damage and it gives burning unlike the non super punch.



  • One of most functional ways to kill your opponents is to sneak up behind them, and quickly decimate them.
  • This weapon is most used on small maps such as Pool Party and other small maps, so use the environment to your advantage.
  • Equip this weapon with the Burning Tiara to increase your jump height and movement speed.
  • Use the Area Damage to your advantage, to defeat a crowd of enemies.
  • Use the Burning attribute to gain an advantage over weakened opponents.
  • Pair this weapon with the Energy Shield module combination to temporarily protect yourself from long-distance attacks.
  • Use the Maniac Mask with this weapon to increase its damage.


  • Try to pick off users at close range.
  • Run away with a 85 or higher mobility weapon.
  • When the user gets close to you, use the Ninja Shurikens.
  • Counter some of the damage dealt by equipping the Reflector.
  • Use the Sticky Candy to slow them down, then finish them off with any high damage weapon.
  • Fight them with a weapon that will slow them down, so you will have time to back away.
  • Use any ranged weapons against its users if you are not in Knife Party.
  • Use the spirit staff itself as a last ditch, if you do not own the spirit staff, use the Triple Bite as the two are very similar.
  • Use a long range gun to pick them off.


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  • The weapon looks similar to the Double Sided Lightsaber from Star Wars, except with a oriental design to it.
  • Despite it having Area Damage, it does not deal damage to 360 degrees around the player, it only extends to 180 degrees.
    • It's super punch, however, hits enemies with a 360 degree radius.
  • The sound it emits upon swinging is similar to the sound produced by the Fatal Melter's reloading sequence.
  • This is the third weapon that has the Super Punch ability, the first being the Brave Lion.
  • It's design is also similar to the Clan Hero Shovel.
  • This weapon can be obtained through the "Fighter's Choice" special offer in the Shop section.
  • This weapon used to be obtainable with coupons.
  • This weapon has gained infamy in the Pixel Gun 3D community due to its high damage, high fire rate, and area damage.
  • The multiple shots attribute actually deals two separate sets of damage.

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