Not to be confused with Theme Park, a craft item.

Spooky Theme Park is a map introduced in the 11.1.1 update. It is a seasonal Halloween themed map available during the Halloween season.


It is a Halloween themed theme park which has a terrifying face as the moon, and the map's edges being barriers. In the center, there is a circus tent with its entrance taking on the appearance of an ominous clown's face and other entrance with a pumpkin head, a demonic Ferris Wheel as well as other Halloween themed theme park content.


  • This is the 3rd map being Halloween themed, the other two being Blockmart and Pumpkin Island.
  • This is based off of ”Abandoned Theme Park“ Which is a DLC map from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, expect it is Halloween themed.
  • In the 12.6.0 update Halloween update, it was brought back with Pumpkin Island, Alien Planet and Blockmart.
  • 16.8.0 the map was updated with new obstacles such as circus crates, police cars parked around the park that flash lights, Halloween Trader's Vans blocking the tent entrances, an animated ferris wheel, and various carnival stands operated by various animated characters.
  • The HeadS Shop part of the map has the heads of the following avatars:
    • Mr. Fruit
    • Raider
    • Girl in a Sweater
    • Boy in a Sweater
    • TBA
  • 18.2.0 the map recieved more various additions including a submarine, circus cannon , PGA van, portals. Additionally, the animated characters added to the map in 16.8.0 were also given more expressive animations.
    Spooky 2.png

    Players can teleport through the tents found on opposite sides of the map.


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