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Squad in Modes, also known as "Party" in Minigames, is an option included in the Map Selection introduced in the 12.1.0 update. It allows players to start a match with 4 other friends. (1 friend only in Duel).


There are many features included, some include:

  • A private lobby, where players are able to access the Armory or chat with other friends.
  • 4 other player slots, where the host is able to invite friends to join their squad.
  • A map selection tab, where the host is able to choose the game mode and the map.
  • A 15-second match countdown, initiated when the host presses 'Start' but not all players pressed the 'Ready' button.


  • All players will be placed on the same team in team-orientated game modes, regardless of level, league, etc.
  • The match made is not private, thus other players can join in mid-match.
  • Players need to reach level 5 in order to unlock this feature.
  • If a player lower than your leaderboard level joins your squad you will be stuck in the team lobby in team gamemodes like team fight but when in ffa modes like deathmatch other players are able to join


  • Party servers are similar, but players can only choose Sandbox and Parkour Challenge, without choosing maps, because both of these multiplayer minigames have 1 map each.
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