Stalker 2

The Stalker is a very common enemy found in Campaign. Its boss variants are called the Armored Stalker (removed) and Pharaoh Stalker.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 12 Heart new 3 Heart new Fast
Medium 17 Heart new 5 Heart new Fast
Hard 22 Heart new 7 Heart new Fast


It will crawl towards the player, avoiding all obstacles in its way. It attacks by either a "bite" or bashing its large head into the player.



This is a creature with a mouth covering most of the face, It has no arms and six spider-like legs. The default variant is green in color. The creature walks upright and it's unnaturally elongated torso makes it appear menacing and unusual.

The old version had four legs and a large gaping yet flat mouth with sharp teeth of varying length protruding from all four sides. The body had 3 stripes around it and the bottom of its feet were red. It was bright green in color.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.51.18 PM

The Old Rendition of the Stalker.


  • Its old rendition looks similar to Mojang's Creeper from Minecraft. It was changed due to copyright disputed with Mojang.
  • There are a few other enemies like the Armored Stalker (removed), Mummy Stalker and Pharaoh Stalker that are very similar to it.
  • Both of its boss variants are replaced by other bosses still in their respective levels, the boss variants are somehow still found in Arena.
  • In older updates, Stalkers used to spawn in Co-op Survival, but for whatever reason in a newer update, Stalkers were removed from Co-op Survival, and the Mummy Stalker replaced the regular Stalker from appearing in Co-op Survival.
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